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Internet Development

Watch the video%22History Of The Internet%22. Match the terms with definitions. This activity is in PRACTICE MODE. You may repeat as many times as necessary to get your best score! Your best score will be recorded as your grade for the assignment. Your scores will automatically be saved on KUBBU. You do not need to upload anything to EDMODO

TCP (Transmission Control Protocol), Cuban Missile Crisis 1962, computer network connected by land lines, CYCLADES, ARPANET save time , protocol, network, Telephone lines, Sputnik, USA, batch processing class web page , 1957, No one, packet switching, England, time sharing, TCP/IP, router computers, France, Cold War quiz generator ,

Missile defense system adopted by USA, breaking files into small packets to be reassembled, a group of connected computers, caused US to create network of smaller computers, uniform language common to all networks crossword maker , Country that developed a %22network of networks%22, Country the developed computers for missile defense, when internet development began, Financial network for banking, network between universities and government active teaching , doing one job at a time on a computer, first language for transferring files between computers, French scientific network of smaller networks, Competion for world domination between USA and Soviet Union, First used remote connections, Who invented the internet, an existing network of wires computers first used to connect, Name of first Soviet satellite launched in 1957, Special computers that only routed data, language computers use,