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Attila Vocab Lesson 1

1. quiz builder Which statement below is not correct? Why?
His answer couldn%27t be farther away from the truth. english , If you have any further questions, please ask now., His answer couldn%27t be further away from the truth. , If you have any farther questions, please ask now.
2. Which one is incorrect? Why?
Can you lend a book to me?, Can I borrow a book from you?, Can you borrow me a book?, Can you lend me a book?
3. Which one is incorrect? Why?
The book has been tanned by prolonged exposure. results history , The book has been soiled by prolonged exposure., The page has been sunned by prolonged exposure., The book has been tarnished by prolonged exposure.
4. The fly leaf has been ___________ with coffee marks.
tanned, stained, tarnished, soiled
5. _________ covers may turn inward toward the leaves or outward away from the leaves.
dampstained, bowed, chipped, edgeworn
6. What does %27dampstained%27 mean?
small pieces missing from the edges, brown spotting on the paper, light stain from moisture, pages coming loose
7. If a book has not been opened or read for a long time and this has affected the books condition, it suffers from _________________?
darkening, worming, shelf wear, fading
8. If a book has been opened and read, but there are no defects to the book, jacket or pages then it is in %27as new%27 or ____________ condition.
very good, good, fine, binding
9. What does it mean if a book%27s page has been %27clipped%27?
The price has been removed from the corner of the dust jacket., The pages are beginning to come loose., The book has been repaired. , The book has multiple defects and may even need repair.