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Four Functions

software, storage device, hardware tool for teachers , write, computer, output device, kilobyte, RAM, digital, gigabyte, binary code, boot, terabyte, sound, character educational games , megabyte, CPU, optical discs, analog, hardcopy elearning , ROM, input device, read, byte,

keyboard, mouse, scanner, touch pad, to put information onto a source, 1,000 bytes, 1 trillion bytes create online quizzes , microprocessor, storage or memory capacity of one character, a set of instructions: a program, physical equipment of a computer, output from a speaker, information in the form of numbers, hard disk, optical discs, flash drive, letter, number, symbol, or space, monitor, printer, speaker ESL , CD, DVD, information in the form of waves, 1 billion bytes, output from a printer, to gather information from a source, based on the numbers 1 and 0, permanent memory - boots the computer prepare quiz , to start up a computer, temporary memory, holds program and input until saved, 1 million bytes, can receive, process, store information and give output,