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Heredity vocabulary

heterozygous, pedigree, heredity, autosomal, Punnett Square, phenotype, dominant, genetics, homozygous, sex-linked build your own quiz , genotype, co-dominance crossword maker , allele, incomplete dominance, trait, recessive,

A different option or alternative form of a trait, The passing on of traits from parent to offspring results , The study of heredity, The outward appearance of an organism, An organism (zygote) with a genotype of two identical alleles crossword maker , When two alleles are expressed or considered dominant, A chart or family tree showing the inheritance pattern of a trait, Both alleles of an organism for a given trait., An organism (zygote) with a genotype of two different alleles printable , An inheritance pattern for alleles found only on X chromosome, Heterozygous genotype produces a new phenotype, Method to predict how a trait is inherited from parent to child test , An allele that is expressed regardless of genotype, A trait that is NOT sex-linked., An allele that is only expressed in a homozygous genotype, A characteristic that can be inherited,