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Zaragoza was the general at the Battle of Puebla., Benito Juarez was the president of Mexico., The %22cinco de mayo%22 is Mexico%27s independence day, Benito Juarez was a French leader., stimulate your students 5 de Mayo marks the defeat of the French at Puebla., At that time France had the strongest army in the world., Zaragoza was Mexicos first president., The French were outnumbered by Mexicans., The French outnumbered the Mexicans., Puebla is both a state and a city in Mexico., Puebla is a traditional food during the 5 de mayo., learning The %22Battle of Puebla%22 was in 1492., The %22Battle of Puebla%22 was in 1862, Mexico owed France, England and Spain money., Mexico refused to pay back money they owed France., The 5 de Mayo is Mexicos Independence day., multiple choice questions Napoleon led the French., Napoleon wanted to make a monarchy in Mexico., All of Mexico has big celebrations for the 5., Benito Juarez held 5 terms in office., Benito Juarez sought US help to out the French., A %22CHICANO%22 is a Mexican American person., A %22CHICANO%22 is a person from Chicago., class web page Benito Juarez was Zapotec Indian ., In Mexico, they reinact the Battle in Puebla, The 5 de Mayo in the US is about the CHICANO rights, The 16 de septiembre is Mexicos Independence., Mole Polano is a tradtional dish from Puebla., In US hispanics are united during this holiday , Untrained civilians joined army to fight France., Benito Juarez held 2 terms and was killed in Puebla., grading BATALLA is the Spanish word for battle.,