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Rate Collocations

1. It%27s best you let him study at his ______ rate.
average, flat, own, hourly
2. I%27ve no idea what the ______ rate is for traslating texts like this one.
inflation, flat, exchange, going
3. What%27s the current ______ rate ? I need to chage these dollars into euros
exchange, birth, hourly, success
4. The ______ rate at vocational schools is higher than at universities
heart, divorce, crime, dropout
5. The __________ rate has risen in Finland during this last recession
death, unemployment, survival, present
6. The _______ rate doesn%27t fall significantly in countries that have the death penalty
crime, interest, unemployment, birth
7. The ______ rates have fallen dramatically in the last year. It%27s good news to all those with mortgages.
heart, divorce, interest, variable