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Mitosis/Meiosis Vocabulary (copy)

1. Type of cell division leading to sperm and eggs
Meiosis, Zygote, Chromatin, 46
2. Longest phase of cell cycle; cell grows and copies DNA
Interphase, Cell Cycle, Chromatin, Meiosis
3. Process of cells splitting and moving apart after mitosis
Cytokinesis, Interphase, 46, 23
4. computer assisted language learning Interphase %2b Mitosis %2b Cytokinesis
Cell Cycle, Meiosis, Cancer, Haploid
5. Condensed form of DNA (like a sweater) during mitosis
Chromosome generate answer keys , Cell Cycle, Cytokinesis, Mitosis
6. Loose, unraveled strands of DNA normally found in nucleus
Chromatin learning , Cell Cycle, Interphase, Cytokinesis
7. One copy or strand of a double chromosome
Chromatid, Cell Cycle, Mitosis, Chromosome
8. A cell containing half the normal number of chromosomes
Haploid, Diploid, Interphase, Chromatid
9. class web page A cell containing the normal number of chromosomes
Diploid, 46, Chromosome, Cancer
10. A fertilized egg; the fusion of two gametes
Zygote, Cancer, Diploid, Chromatin
11. online quizzes A haploid product of meiosis, for example, sperm or eggs
Gamete, Interphase, Chromosome, Zygote
12. A mutation in the cell cycle where cells grow continuously
Cancer, Haploid, Chromatid, Chromosome
13. The normal (diploid) number of human chromosomes
46, Chromatin, Zygote, Interphase
14. quiz The haploid number of human chromosomes
23, Meiosis, Gamete, Chromosome
15. Combining DNA from two organisms to create one
Sexual reproduction learning , Meiosis, Haploid, Chromatid