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WWII Match

Appeasement, Totalitarianism, Warsaw Pact, Benito Mussolini english , Marshall Plan, Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt, Nuremburg Trials, Battle of Britain, Joseph Stalin, Great Purge, Dwight Eisenhower, Genocide, Harry Truman, Hirohito, Anti-Semitism computer assisted language learning ,

A political system in which the state hold total authority crossword maker , A defense treaty among eight communist states after WWII, President of the United States during the early stages of WWII, The mass elimination of political foes in the Soviet Union, Hostility or prejudice towards the Jewish people, Aerial campaign waged by the Germans against Great Britain class page , Provided aid to war torn European countries, British Prime Minister, Trials that were conducted against former Nazis, Emperor of Japan, Italian Fascist Leader generate answer keys , -Soviet Dictator -5 Year Plans -State Run Industry, President who decided to drop the atomic bomb on Japan, A political policy of making concessions to avoid conflict, The systematic and purposeful destruction of a specific group, Supreme Allied Commander in Europe,