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(ITF) Lesson 1: Computers All Around Us

Crossword hints:
Processes large amounts of data at an incredible speed and are usually found in governement agencies or large organizations, e.g. credit card companies, airlines and universities., Can fill part of a room, and typically processes data at a slower rate and in smaller volumes than mainframes. Point-of-sale terminals, cash registers and scanners at grocery stores are linked to this, Are portable microcomputers, and similar to desktop models in speed, performance and usage., Also called microcomputers, this computer processes data quickly and are used in small businesses, schools and homes., Small palm-sized computers used as personal organizers. These computers have specific software to make appointments, contact lists and write notes., Considered to be the fastest type of computer, but is expensive because of the amount of information to be processed., These computers appear similar to a notebook but usually the screen can be swivelled or folded over to allow the user to write or select items using a special pen., Any computer that requires a lot of power for processing files, such as drafting, desktop publishing, graphics design, video editing and programming.,

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