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degrees and careers

1. praca doktorska
thesis, application multiple choice questions , dissertation, scholarship
2. uczęszczać
tutor, attend, tutorial, degree
3. akademik
campus, undergraduate quiz builder , postraduate, hall of residence
4. upoważniony
mover, gradate, entitled, exploited
5. wolny etat
cv, vacancy, references, covering
6. upokarzajacy
humiliating, undergraduate, postgraduate, graduate
7. stopień naukowy
postgraduate, graduates, undergraduate, degree
8. usługi kurierskie
delivery service, do a round, sell door to door, stack shelves
9. crossword maker płaca minimalna
minimum wage, fee, salary, wage
10. staż
faculty, placement interactive , attend, intern
11. praktyka
qualification, intership, skills, experience