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phrasal verbs unit11

1. okazać się
turned out, put out, break out, fall out
2. uważaj
put out, look out active teaching , turn out, make out
3. ucieć
fall out, bring out, hand out, break out
4. sprzedawać nowy produkt
bring out, look out, break out, put out
5. zgasić ogień
turn out, make out, put out, look out
6. pokłócić się
fall out, put out, make out, turn out
7. rozdawać
make out, hand out, fall out, put out
8. pojawić się
turn up, go off, turn into, take up
9. zaczać nowe hobby
take up, set up, turn up, put up
10. przenocować
take up, turn up, do up, put up
11. remontować
put up, do up, set up, pick up
12. computer assisted language learning założyć firmę, organizację
put up, take up, set up, turn up
13. stimulate your students podwieźć kogoś samochodem
do up, give up, set up, pick up
14. kontynuować
carry on, put on improve results , get on, look out
15. mieć dobra lub zła relację
turn on, put on, do up, get on
16. wysiaść
let off, get off, make off, go off
17. eksplodować
let off active teaching , get off, make off, go off
18. uciec
make off, turn off, take off, let off
19. nie karać
turn off, let off, get off, take off
20. class web page wystartować o samolocie
make off, take off, let off, get off
21. wyłaczyć
take off, let off, turn off, get off
22. odrzucić
turn down, turn into, turn out, turn up
23. stać się
put on, take off, make up, turn into
24. wymyśleć historię
make up, look after, do up, give up
25. przestać,zrezygnować
get off, give up, carry on, turn off
26. opiekować się
fall out, make up, take up, look after