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Choose the right answer. (Magic Book 2, pages 81-85)

Study pages 81-85 and select the correct answer.

1. What do they make for the emperor?
A costume, Shoes crossword maker , A suit, A jacket
2. What colour is the suit?
Blue and pink, Brown and yellow quiz generator , Green and red, Brown and pink
3. Can the emperor see the jacket?
Yes, he can., Yes, he is., No, he can%27t., No he isn%27t.
4. What does the emperor need the suit for?
A birthday party, A festival, A visit, A carnival
5. Which day comes after Tuesday?
Wednesday multiple choice questions , Friday, Monday, Sunday
6. generate answer keys Which day comes before Friday?
Saturday, Thursday, Wednesday, Monday
7. Why are people laughing at the festival?
Because the emperor%27s suit is pink.stimulate your students , Because the emperor is laughing, too., Because the emperor is wearing nothing., Because the emperor is singing.
8. Love for things is...
right e-learning , wrong, good, great
9. Which of these words is not a verb?
unique, wear, laugh, sing