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Choose the right answer. (Magic Book 2, pages 81-85)

Study pages 81-85 and select the correct answer.

1. What do they make for the emperor?
A costume, Shoes, A suit, A jacket
2. What colour is the suit?
Blue and pink, Brown and yellow, Green and red, Brown and pink
3. Can the emperor see the jacket?
Yes, he can., Yes, he is. print quizzes , No, he can%27t., No he isn%27t.
4. grading What does the emperor need the suit for?
A birthday party, A festival, A visit, A carnival
5. Which day comes after Tuesday?
Wednesday, Friday, Monday, Sunday
6. Which day comes before Friday?
Saturday printable , Thursday ESL , Wednesday, Monday
7. Why are people laughing at the festival?
Because the emperor%27s suit is pink., Because the emperor is laughing, too., Because the emperor is wearing nothing., Because the emperor is singing.
8. Love for things is...
right, wrong, good, great
9. Which of these words is not a verb?
unique, wear, laugh, sing