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Settle, Treaty of Guadalupe-Hildago, %2254-40 or Fight%22, Migration matching excercise , Industry online , Gadsen Purchase, Western Expansion, Sacagawea teaching , Lewis and Clark, Annex, Louisiana Purchase, James Gadsen, Texas, Mexican War, Negotiate, Ambassador,

Phrase used to gain Oregon territory, War lasting 1.5 years, US won and gained Texas, Government policies which helped to gain territories, To discuss something to reach an agreement, 2 men who led an expedition to explore the Louisiana Terr. elearning , Became 28th state, US doubled in size, to add, Native American who helped Lois and Clark, Moving to a place and working to make it liveable, Gained: Arizona, Colorado, New Mex. Utah, Wyoming, The production of goods, Ambassador who helped treaty class website , US gained parts of Arizona and part of Mexico, A person sent by their government to represent them, Moving from one place to another,