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World History I Vocabulary

Filial Piety, Songhai, Hagia Sophia, Barter, Pax Mongolica, Anatolia, Griot, Mosque, Hittites , Crusade, Pharaoh, Neolithic Revolution, Ziggurat, Old Kingdom, Angkor Wat, Tithestimulate your students , Patron, Yin and Yang, Abbasids, Papyrus, Domestication, Oracle Bones, Loess, Democracy learning , Fief, Consul, Ghana crossword maker , Olmec, Inflation, Royal Road, Cyrillic, Magna Carta, Caliph, Migration educational activities , Icon short answer questions , Caste, Monotheism, Torah, Vedas, Artifact, Nirvana, Scribe, Brahma, Pope, Monsoon, Nazca, Mandate of Heaven, Daoism, Jainism, Allah, Patrician, Ayllu, Quipu educational games , Bushido, Qin Dynasty, Middle Ages, Karma, Hominid, Mesopotamia, Theravada, Acropolis elearning , Nok, Cuneiform, Chinampas,

When the Great Wall of China was constructed, A religious image used primarily by Orthodox Christians, Taming of animals for human use, Rule of the people, What the Egyptians wrote on, Giving one-tenth of your income to the church, Form of writing used in ancient Mesopotamiaweb page, An object made by humans, It connected Susa with Sardis and was built by the Persians, The Russian alphabet, developed by St. Cyril %26 Methodius, The first powerful West African kingdom, A fortified hilltop in Ancient Greece, Kind of like a pyramid, only in Mesopotamia, The two powers that govern the rhythms of Chinese life, Belief in a single God, The first sub-Saharan people to smelt iron, When agriculture was developed, leading to civilization, How they determined the will of the gods in Shang China, A fertile deposit of windblown soil, especially in China, When the pyramids were built in Egypt, The act of moving from one place to settle in another, The first five books of the Hebrew Bible, The Indo-European people who first smelt iron, The supreme political and religious leader in Muslim society, The time of European history from 500 to 1500 AD, The holy books of Hinduism, An animal that walks upright, A professional record keeper, The head of the Roman Catholic Church, A member of Rome%27s upper class, A wind that shifts direction at certain times of the year (In India), An Egyptian god-king, A west African storyteller, The Arabic word for God, Kind of like the President of the Roman Republic, The strict code of behavior that Japanese samurai followed, In Hinduism, the creator god, An Islamic place of worship, What King John had to sign to give England rights, Someone who supports artists, Laozi%27s philosophy, The world%27s largest religious structure, built by the Khmer results history , The respect shown by children to their parents, Divine approval thought to be the basis of royal authority in China, An estate granted to a vassal in the feudal system, The goal of Buddhism, A holy war, usually between Christians and Muslims, Decline in the value of money, The small Incan group that worked for the common good, The Islamic dynasty that succeeded the Umayyads, The %22Mother Culture%22 of Mesoamerica, Trading without using money prepare quiz , In Hinduism and Buddhism, the good and bad things you do, %22The land between the rivers;%22 ancient Iraq, The Aztec floating gardens, The Peruvian civilization that existed from 200 BC to 600 AD, %22Old School%22 Buddhism, The 100 year period when the Mongols imposed peace on Eurasia, The West African empire that conquered Mali, The peninsula that is much of modern day Turkey, Justinian%27s Church of Holy Wisdom, One of the four divisions of people according to the Aryans, The Incan knotted strings used to record information, Mahavira%27s religion that stressed harming no creatures,