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Molecular Genetics Vocabulary II

deoxyribose, amino acid, point mutation, peptide bond invite students , frame shift mutation, nucleus, double helix, mutation, ribose, mRNA, genetics, complementary, mutagen, ribosome school , tRNA, genetically modified organism,

Something that causes a mutation, Where protein synthesis takes place, A mutation which affects many codons and amino acids, A structure composed ot two strands in the shape of a spiral, A mutation which only affects one codon and one amino acid, An error in replication, transcription, or translation, Descirbes something that matches or goes together tool for teachers , The sugar found in RNA, An organism whose genetic material has been altered quiz , The sugar found in DNA quiz generator , Travels from nucleus to ribosome, Building block for proteins, The type of bond between two amino acids in a protein, The study of genes and heredity, Where DNA replication takes place, Attaches amino acids together based on RNA instructions,