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Molecular Genetics Vocabulary I

Human Genome Project, Thymine, codon, Adenine, Cytosine, replication, Uracil, Nucleotide, RNA ESL , gene, plasmid distant learning , DNA, Guanine, transcription, transgenic, translation,

Binds with guanine in DNA and RNA, Binds to adenine in RNA, Small, circular strand of DNA found in bacteria, When a gene is transferred from one organism to another active teaching , Binds to thymine in DNA and uracil in RNA, Copying DNA to create another copy of DNA., Creating a protein from mRNA, International Study to sequence entire human DNA, Binds to adenine in DNA, Making an RNA strand from a DNA template, A region or section of DNA which codes for a protein., deoxyribose nucleic acid, Building block of nucleic acid; phosphate, sugar, base, ribose nucleic acid, Binds with cytosine in DNA and RNA, A series of three nucleotides %22read%22 by the ribosomes.,