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Unit 6, Lesson 1 AM. His 2

Match the correct term with its description.

Truman Doctrine, suburb, Warsaw Pact, Marshall Plan, Communism, White flight, NATO, Joseph McCarthy, GI, Germany, Berlin printable , Eisenhower Doctrine, iron curtain, CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), Democracy class website , interstate,

This country was divided into two parts after WWII, The kind of government the US has, US gave money to Middle East countries to stop communism, US gave money to Greece and Turkey to stop communism, Term used to describe American soldiers, Agency established to investigate foreign enemies, He falsely accused many Americans of being communist, White, middle class Americans moved to suburbs class website , A town right outside the city, US gave money to European countries to stop communism, Division in Europe between communist and non-communists, Alliance of communist countries formed after WWII, Alliance of democratic countries formed after WWII, German city divided into 4 parts after WWII, The kind of government the Soviet Union had, Type of highway system developed by Eisenhower,