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Rule Collocations

1. The new rules ____________ on September 1st 2016
apply, are forced, come into effect, appear
2. Company rules usually _________ that no smoking is allowed in the premises
stipulatestimulate your students , enforce, tell, force
3. Staff must __________ the new rules. Those who don%27t will be dismissed
stick, break, abide by, dismiss
4. No-one in our company travels first class - _________- but it depends on the length of the flight
hard and fast, strictly, except, as a rule
5. He can _____ the rules sometimes, if he likes you!
bend, adhere school , set, except
6. web 2.0 ____________ to the rules is absolutely necessary or you risk being fired
Comply, Exceptions, Adherence, Stretching
7. create online quizzes It%27s dangerous to ______ the rules in a construction site.
stipulate, flout, ban, go by