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6th grade: European Institutions

Court of Justice and Auditors, European Commission, European Parliament, Council of European Union,

It´s elected every 5 years, It aproves laws and co-ordinates economic policies, It controls de institutions of the European Union, It´s elected every 5 years, It´s members are elected by citizens in each country , It´s president directs the sessions, elearning It holds its meetings in Brussels and Strasbourg, It´s the government of the EU, activity It proposes new laws and guarantee them, multiple choice questions It´s formed by 28 commissioners, It upholds all the European laws, It is formed by judges, It controls the use of euro, It aproves laws and economic policies with EP , It´s made up of ministers of each country, every six months there is a new minister (the president), web tool It directs security, foreing and defence policies, It propose laws and policies,