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6th grade: European Institutions

Court of Justice and Auditors, European Commission, European Parliament, Council of European Union,

It´s elected every 5 years, It aproves laws and co-ordinates economic policies, It controls de institutions of the European Union, It´s elected every 5 years, It´s members are elected by citizens in each country , It´s president directs the sessions, It holds its meetings in Brussels and Strasbourg, It´s the government of the EU, It proposes new laws and guarantee them, It´s formed by 28 commissioners, It upholds all the European laws, generate answer keys It is formed by judges, It controls the use of euro, It aproves laws and economic policies with EP , It´s made up of ministers of each country, every six months there is a new minister (the president), It directs security, foreing and defence policies, It propose laws and policies,