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Asesõnad (match)

sinu koer, tema (tüdruk) nukk, We can%27t find _____ model car., meie auto, ____ (tema, poiss) bike is new, ____ (minu) toe hurts., Lucy has got a robot. _____ robot can talk, nende ratas, tema (poiss) laev computer assisted language learning , _____ (sina) are sad.stimulate your students , ____ (nende) house is big., this is ____ sister., minu sõber, I ___ happy., ____ (nende) car is red, what%27s ____ name?,

my toe hurts, am, your dog, his, you, their car is red., our car, their bike save time , their, our, her doll, my, his ship, her, your, my friend,