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Computer Basics and File Management

1. # The bar across the bottom of the desktop on which you find the start menu and any minimized file
toolbar, desktop, taskbar, menu bar,
2. # How would you delete a file?
path, desktop, folders, files,
3. # You can store backup files to a computer outside your own computer. This other computer would be a
on the taskbar, on the desktop, in my folder, on the hard disk,
4. # What type of file is used as a form to be used over and over and not have to recreate it.
RAM, CPU, hard disk, desktop,
5. # When Microsoft Word is opened and you are using it to type a report, it is being held in __________ until you save.
Start menu - new- folder, right click desktop -new-folder, Open Word and save as a folder, none of the above,
6. # What is this called? C:Documents and SettingssweeneyMy DocumentsMy Picturesfamily backyard.jpg
to change the name of the file, to open a new file or document, to select or change type of file, to put into a different folder,
7. # You are saving a file as html. What is it going to be?
drag the dividing line over, widen the column, highlight - cut and paste, highlight - right click - merge,
8. # Microsoft Word is REALLY stored
a document, a web page, a picture, a sound,
9. # Which will copy a file from one folder to another?
the hard disk, a CD-ROM drive, an icon, a path to a file,
10. #What is C:
right click- merge, click- hold down CTRL - drag, drag to the recycle bin, two of these will work,
11. # How do you merge cells in a word table OR in a spreadsheet?
put your name in every one, rename so you can have two files, can%27t have same name in same location, save as to the right folder,
12. # What can an icon tell us?
right click - delete, drag to the recycle bin, click once and hit delete key, any of these,
13. # Which is NOT a reason to use save-as?
hard disk, server educational activities , monitor, RAM,
14. # To create a new folder, I
template, document, html, jpg,