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Industrial Revolution

Louis Pasteur, Henry Bessemer, James Hargreaves, Suffrage build your own quiz , Luddites, Robert Fulton, Karl Marx, Urbanization, Labor Unions, Cottage Industry, Adam Smith, Edward Jenner, Enclosure Movement, James Watt, Eli Whitney, Factory Industry,

Inventor of the Cotton Gin, Pioneer of the steam engine class page , People working on assembly lines to produce goods, People who were against the use of technology, The main proponent of free market capitalism, French doctor who developed the smallpox vaccine, The process of taking over and fencing off common land, Improved upon the steamboat, Improved upon the spinning jenny, British engineer who invented a process to produce steel, People working out of their homes to produce goods, the ability or right to vote, Philosopher who wrote the Communist Manifesto, The process by which cities grow or expand, Fought to improve working conditions, French doctor who discovered bacteria,