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Summer terms-column two

Royal African Company, deism, Poor Richard%27s Almanack invite students , headright system, William Pitt, Fundamental Orders of Connecticut ESL , Dominion of New England, John Trumbull, currency , joint stock company, New England Confederation, indentured servant, charter, Montesquieu invite students , Charles Wilson Peale teacher , Jamestown,

paying settler travel costs in exchange for colonial land , belief that higher power created humans and then left them alone , Northern colonies united defense against Native Americans, publication offered pithy advice to colonial Americans, bound to master for a period typically lasting seven years, early example of a written plan of government or constitution, British organization that tightly governed Northeast colonies , another name for money, temporarily held a monopoly over British slave trade, remembered for large canvas depictions of famous events, well known for his portraits of famous Americans, providing authority over a colonial settlement, credited with %22three branches of governmment%22 idea, first permamant British settlement in North America, way to share cost and risk of investing in colonies, official who organized attacks against French online learning games ,