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UNIT ONE - British colonies

BRITISH Northern colonies, BRITISH Middle colonies, BRITISH Southern colonies, Dutch,

Deerfield raid, somewhat theocratic, Roger Williams, Plymouth, quiz generator antinomianism, Thomas Hooker, Salem witch trials, originally had Dutch settlers, William Penn, most ethnic diversity, Stono Rebellion, large scale tobacco crops, Jamestown, Virginia, %22City Upon a Hill%22, John Rolfe, raised rice, close knit settlements, Half-way covenant, Pocahontas and Chief Powhatan, mosquito infested, had short life span for early settlers, John Winthrop, Nathaniel Bacon, %22invented grandparents%22, test Mayflower Compact, Puritans, Fundamental Orders , %22Catholic haven%22, Chesapeake, create online activities St. Mary%27s City, Maryland, soil butchery, town hall meetings,