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Gerund and Infinitive Dominoes

The bank robbers made everyone, It%27s been proved that women tend, It was such an awful meal, we decided, I don%27t remember , When you go out, don%27t forget, The teacher accused me of, Before doing your driving test you should practice online learning games , Martin has inherited so much money that he won%27t need, The travel agent said it wasn%27t worth, I must remember, I wish you wouldn%27t keep, Does he expect, The child eventually managed test , Why did Kirsty and Colin stop, The doctor%27s advice was to avoid, He always promises,

eating red meat for a month. quiz generator , to be better at languages than men., buying a return plane ticket., to arrive before 5pm?, to persuade her parents to buy a dog., parking your car in small spaces. improve results , not to go back there ever again., to send my best friend a birthday card. save time , interrupting me all the time., to work for the rest of his life., taking that photo., to lock the windows., lie on the floor., speaking to each other?, to do things and then never does., cheating in the exam. learning ,