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Judicial Branch

You can review terms or play one of three games to review. Familiarize: Flip Card with term and identification that will be used in games Solve: 3 Games-------Play Dominoes (just like the original game), Find Pairs (memory), Link Up (matching)

Docket, Administrative Law, How a federal judge or justice gets their job, Dissenting Opinion, Statutory Law, Judicial Review, Nine, Confirmation Hearing, Constitutional Law crossword maker , Original Jurisdiction , Court Martial, Brief, Common Law, Supreme Court, Life, Appellate Jurisdiction,

Written laws enacted by a legislature, Hppointed by President and approved by ⅔ of Senate, Length a federal judge or justice serves, hears cases on appeal from lower couts, Written statement of a judge who disagrees with majoiry decision, Authority to review cases from lower district courts , System of law that is based on precedent, Laws found in the United States Constitution , Established in the Supreme court case of Marbury v. Madison, Senate decides whether to approve or reject court candidates, A trial before a panel of military officers, Number of justices on the Supreme Court, Written argument prepared by an attorney, Schedule of cases to be heard by a court of law, All the rules and deregulations that the executive branch, Authority of a court to be the first to hear a case,