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Pre-assessment for Reproductive System

This is a pre-assessment of your knowledge about the reproductive system. You may read over the Smore and retake this again to see how much you have learned, or go through any number of the activities before returning to this quiz if you wish. Correct answers will be revealed at the end.

1. What occurs during menstruation?
Hormones trigger puberty to occur, An egg is sent by one of the ovaries into one of the fallopian tubes, An egg dries up and leaves the body through the uterus, The uterus cleans out any foreign or malignant particles in its tissues
2. What type of cell are sperm and eggs and what does this mean in humans?
Haploid cells/They each have 23 chromosomes, Diploid cells/They each have 23 chromosomes, Haploid cells/They each have 46 chromosomes, Diploid cells/They each have 46 chromosomes
3. Which of the following is a main organ in the female reproductive system?
Pancreas, Ovaries, Appendix, Brain
4. multiple choice questions Which of the following is not an organ in the male reproductive system?
Scrotum, Testicles, Fundus, Vas deferens
5. How many glands are involved in the male reproductive system?
4, 3, 1, 2
6. Which of the following organs holds the eggs in the female body?
Fallopian Tubes, Ovaries, Uterus, Vagina
7. Which of the following store the sperm in the male reproductive system?
Epididymis, Penis, Scrotum, Vas deferens
8. How often is an egg released from the female body?
Every week build your own quiz , Every month, Every two months, Every day
9. What is the purpose of the female reproductive system?
To produce egg cells and protect and nurture offspring until birth, To make hormones to transfer into womanhood, To nurture offspring until birth and to produce and maintain sperm, To act as an incubator for a male%27s fertilized egg
10. What is the reproductive system?
A group of organs that work together in order to reproduce, A system outside the body that produces humans, A system that is designed to produce muscle, A group of organs that work together to produce bone marrow
11. stimulate your students Do both male and female have functions that go with the reproductive system?
Yes, both male and female, No, only female quiz generator , No, only male, None of the above
12. Which other body system works most closely with the reproductive system?
The Integumentary System, The Excretory System, The Nervous System, The Endocrine System
13. Name a primary male hormone and a primary female hormone.
Progesterone and Estrogen, Testosterone and Progesterone, Testosterone and Androgen, Progesterone and Androgen
14. What sends out hormones during puberty to signal the testes and ovaries to create sex hormones?
The parathyroid glands, The adrenal glands, The pituitary gland, The thyroid gland
15. What is the Endometriosis?
The lining of the vagina, The lining of the uterus, The lining of the ovaries, The lining of the fallopian tubes
16. class page Which of the following is a side effect of Endometriosis?
Abdominal cramps , Headaches, Non-regulated periods, Fever
17. stimulate your students Which of the following is a type of reproductive disease?
Uterus infection, Urinary tract infection, Lung infection, Pelvic inflammatory disease
18. Which structure of the male reproductive system produces sperm and the hormone testosterone?
The Testes, The Vas Deferens, The Scrotum, The Prostate Gland
19. Which structure of the female reproductive system carries the egg away from the ovaries?
Labia Major, Uterus, Fallopian Tubes, Vagina
20. True or false, a function of the female reproductive system is to produce zygotes?
True, False, N/A, N/A