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Earthquake Vocabulary

Match each word with its definition.

Secondary Waves (S-Waves) results , Aftershock, Strike-slip, Fault, Crust multiple choice questions , Synclines, Reverse Fault, Tsunami, Anticline, Epicenter, Seismograph, Earthquake, Richter scale, Magnitude, Normal Fault, Primary Waves (P-Waves),

Folds in which each half of the fold dips towards the trough web 2.0 , Slower waves that cannot move through the core, Thinnest solid layer of the earth, Break in a rock caused by tension forces, A fault caused by sheering, Surface along which rocks move when they break, A smaller earthquake that occurs after a larger one help students assimilate material , Waves that can move through the core, Giant sea wave that begins over earthquake in the ocean., Point on the surface directly above the quake%27s focus, Folds which dip away from the crest, Used to measure magnitude of earthquake, Results from a sudden release of energy in the crust class page , Measures seismic waves from earthquakes, Measure of the size of the seismic waves create online quizzes , A fault where the rock is forced up and over; caused by compression,