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Week 1 of Vocab

achieve (in a sentence), Mrs. Baylor, quadrilaterals (in a sentence), quadrilateral, similar (in a sentennce), equivalent, achieve, extinct, partition, attributes, similar, equivalent (in a sentence), Ms. Harris, fossil, campaign, Partition (in a sentence) test ,

equal in amount, value or meaning, the characteristics that describe a shape, to do something successfully multiple choice questions , I can ______, or separate, a pizza into equal parts., the event and activities held to help someone win an election, One thing I want to ______ when I grow up is to have a family., is an excellent teacher :), alike or of the same type, Rectangles and squares are _______ with 4 sides., having died out, a 4 sided polygon, 1/2 and 3/6 are ______, or the same value., to separate into parts, __________ are defined by having 4 sides and 4 angles., the remains of a plant or an animal from millions of years ago, loves being your intern!!!,