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The Cell Vocabulary II

diffusion, hypertonic, active transport tool for teachers , exocytosis, homeostasis learning , hydrophobic, endocytosis, phospholipid, cholesterol, hypotonic, osmosis, passive transport, chlorophyll, fluid mosaic model, stage quiz generator , hydrophilic,

Substances sent out of cell using vesicles educational activities , An organism%27s ability to regulate its internal environment, A molecule that is repelled by water, The part of the microscope where the slide rests, Movement of particles from high to low concentration, Plasma membrane engulfs objects into the cell, The basic building block used to create membranes, Found in the chloroplast of plant cells; usually green, Movement of particles or solutions without need of energy build your own quiz , A molecule that is attracted to water educational activities , A solution with more particles than the inside of cell, Movement of particles which requires energy, Movement of water to establish an equilibrium, Model which describes the fluid nature of membranes, Often considered %22bad,%22 this lipid is essential for cell membranes, A solution with fewer particles than the inside of a cell,