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The Cell Vocabulary I

cell wall crossword maker , Golgi apparatus, mitochondria online activities , plasma membrane, endoplasmic reticulum, nucleus, cytoskeleton assess performance , ribosome, organelle, eukaryote, chloroplast, microscope, cell, prokaryote, lysosome, vacuole,

Power plant for cell; converts sugar into energy (ATP) results , Captures light in plant cells and convert it into sugars teacher , Packages proteins made by ER and ships out of cell, In plants, it surrounds the plasma membrane, Found in plant cells. Stores extra food, enzymes, etc. online quizzes , An organism without a nucleus or organelles, An instrument used to see very small objects, Defines the border of the cell and lets things in and out of cell, Organism which has a nucleus and specialized organelles, The control center of the cell; also contains DNA, The basic unit for all living organisms, Makes proteins, lipids, and carbs for use outside the cell., Recycles old proteins and breaks down waste., A web of proteins which provide support for cell., Small specialized structures within a cell; %22small organs%22 results , Makes protein,