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Gross pay with overtime Activity

Match the worker with the correct pay

How do you find the number of Overtime Hours?, How do you calculate hourly Regular Pay?, Overtime, Feron 32 hours at $7.50, How do you calculate Overtime Hourly Wage?, Carla 39 hours at $8.25, Robin 38 hours at $15.00, Mark 51 hours at $8.00, How do you calculate Overtime Pay?, Gary 28 hours at $11.00, Francine 40 hours at $9.50, Barry 45 hours at $7.50, Cade 35 hours at $9.00, Diane 39 hours at $10.00, Anthony 48 hours at $8.50, How do you calculate Hourly Gross Pay?,

$308.00, $570.00, $442.00, $452.00, Overtime hours x Overtime pay, $390.00 invite students , the hourly wage times 1.5 quiz builder , Subtract 40 from the number of hours worked, $356.00, $240.00, $380.00, $321.75, the number of hours worked times the hourly pay e-learning , Regular Pay plus Overtime pay, $315.00, The number of hours worked over the normal 40 hour period,