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Lesson 8 Vocab Test

1. I fell out with my friend _________ his constant negative attitude.
about, over, because, for
2. I encourage him ___________ harder.
from trying, to try, from try, to trying
3. I have one extra tire in the trunk. what word do we use for %27an extra tire%27?
more, new, spare, additional
4. I have one spare _________ in the boot.
tire, tyres, tires, tyre
5. So you have any spare change I could have? what is %27change%27 here?
petty cash, alcohol, $100 dollar bills, clothes
6. Where is the nearest socket? What is the word in the USA for %27socket%27?
power cable, power outlet, ATM, phone charger
7. All the sentences below mean %27leaving my homework to the last minute%27, but one is grammatically incorrect, which one?
I shouldn%27t keep postponing doing my homework., I shouldn%27t keep procrastinating and just do my homework!, I shouldn%27t keep putting off to do my homework., I shouldn%27t keep putting off doing my homework.
8. The word %27animal%27 is a generic term for humans, mammals, poultry and fish. Coke is now generic for Coca-Cola, Pepsi and all other cola. What does %27generic%27 mean?
Different to all the others., Unique from all the others., The same as all the others., Strange compared to all the others.
9. Is the death penalty a good idea? Hmm. ______ the top of my head, I would say that it isn%27t.
on create online quizzes , off, in, at
10. Before I tell you if I think that the American Dream is a good ethos to aspire to, let me just give you a quick ________ of what the American Dream is.
conclusion, overview, summary, introduction
11. I can%27t remember his telephone number __________________. Which one makes sense?
without falling out with him, without putting it off, off the top of my head, without talking him out of it