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Psych Chapter 4 Gender and Sexuality

gender, evolutionary psychology , gender identity, estrogen, sexual disorder, gender role, testosterone, sexual orientation, social learning theory , aggression, gender type, role, sexual response cycle, natural selection, refactory period, gender schema,

one%27s sense of being male or female, an enduring sexual attraction toward members of either our own sex, or other sex , a problem that consistently impairs sexual arousal or functions crossword maker , learn social behavior by observing/imitating or by punish/reward, physical or verbal behavior intended to hurt someone, children learn from cultures and concept of what it means to be male or female, adaptive process leads to increased reproduction %26 survival pass on , male or female, the study of how our behaviors and mind have changed in adaptive ways, stages of sexual response; excitement, plateau, orgasm, %26 resolution , the most important male sex hormone teaching , set of expected behaviors for males and for females, taking on a traditional masculine or femine role, expectations that define how those in the position should act, sex hormones, such as estradoil, secreted in greater amounts by females , a resting period after orgasm short answer questions ,