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Unit 28 Responsive Design

1. WYSIWYG stands for ?
What You See Is What You Gain, What You See Is What You Get, When You Start Is When You Go, None
2. Which one is correct?
%3cbody%3e, %3c@body%3e, #body#, %3cbody/%3e
3. which one is correct
background: black;, blackground;black, background%3eblack, background::black;
4. Which tag does not show on the page
head, p, body, footer
5. Where do we insert the h1 tag
body, head, html, p
6. what comes before the head tag
html, body, div, footer
7. educational games which program do you need to program in html and css
any text editor online activities , brackets, visual studio, dreamweaver
8. which are two essential html tags
head and body quiz , body and footer, footer and header, div and paragraphs
9. Which tag does not belong in the body
p, h1, h2, h3 quiz generator , div, meta
10. what does it mean by xhtml?
Extensible Hypertext Markup Language, Extensive Hypertext Markup Language, Exclusion Hypertext Markup Language, Expensive HyperText Markup Language
11. you can animate objects with
html tags, css3, png files, word documents
12. what can cause your website to slow down
large picture sizes which can take a while to load, long domain name, slow computer, slow internet connection
13. In html4 and xhtml which tag was used the most?
IMG, %3ctable%3e%3ctd%3e%3ctr%3e, Div, header
14. online activities What is SEO?
Search engine optimisation, Super Effective Optimisation language , Server Efficiency Organiser, Seo is seo
15. teaching which of the following is suitable to make web page
brackets, sublime text, dreamweaver, all of them
16. tool for teachers What is website validation
checks html and css syntax and show if website has valid code, checks if website is fashionable, checks css, checks html
17. Which language allows you to make games in html5?
javascript, c%2b%2b, c#, Ruby on Rails
18. distant learning how to define a ID for a syntext
id=%22id name%22, id = id name create online activities , id = id name;, id = %22id name%22;
19. how to change style of a ID in css
#idname, .idname, /idname, ?idname
20. how do you define a class in html tags
class=%22classname%22, class=classname, class:classname%27, class:classname;
21. how can you style a class object using css
.classname, #classname, ?classname, %3eclassname