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Biochemistry Vocabulary I

fatty acid, atom, saccharide, organic compound, proton , element improve results , peptide bond, protein, electron, carbohydrate, neutron, compound, nucleotide, lipid multiple choice questions , amino acid, nucleic acid,

A subatomic particle with a negative charge, The most abundant organic compound with many functions, The building block (monomer) for carbohydrates, The subatomic particle with no charge (neutral), An organic compound which stores energy long-term, The building block (monomer) for proteins, An organic compound which provides short-term energy, A substance that cannot be broken down into simpler substances help students assimilate material , The building block (monomer) for lipids., Organic compound which stores genetic information, The smallest particle of an element, A compound containing carbon, essential for life, A subatomic particle with a positive charge, A molecule containing two different elements, The building block (monomer) for nucleic acids, The bond which forms between two amino acids iin a protein,