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Quiz - Byzantine Empire / Early Middle Ages

1. Which religion divided into Eastern and Western branches?
Judaism, Christianity, polytheism, Hinduism
2. Which Church was headed by the Pope?
Catholic, Byzantine, Orthodox, Hagia Sophia
3. Which Church used the Greek language and spread to Russia?
Catholic invite students , Orthodox, Zoroastrianism, Judaism
4. In which country is the Cyrillic alphabet used?
France, Greece, Italy, Russia
5. What was the impact of Justinian%27s Code?
model for future European legal systems, ended the feudal system computer assisted language learning , split the Christian church in half, created the Cyrillic alphabet
6. What was the original purpose of the Hagia Sophia?
mosque for Muslims, church for Orthodox Christians, headquarters for the Pope, museum for Greco-Roman culture
7. Which was NOT an achievement of Charlemagne?
united Europe under one Christian empire, created a strong government and schools, ended the feudal system in Europe, anointed by the Pope as the first Holy Roman Emperor
8. What is a fief?
a person who pledges loyalty to a lord, a person who is bound to work the land for life, a piece of land given to a vassal, a piece of land that is owned by the Church
9. Which of these events strengthened the feudal system?
The Christian Church split into eastern and western branches., Barbarians invaded Western Europe., The pope crowned Charlemagne the first Holy Roman Emperor., The Ottomans invaded Constantinople.
10. Which group did Charlemagne belong to?
Angles, Magyars, Franks, Vikings
11. In the feudal system, which type of person farms the land and pays rent to a vassal in exchange for protection?
serf, knight, lord, monarch
12. online quizzes What was the most powerful institution in Western Europe during the Middle Ages?
the Franks, the Catholic Church, the Orthodox Church, the Roman Senate