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family members

ma1 ma, nai3 nai, ye2 ye hanzi, ge1 ge, ba4 ba hanzi, di4 di hanzi assess performance , nai3 nai hanzi, ge1 ge hanzi, di4 di, mei4 mei hanzi, jie3 jie hanzi, ye2 ye, ba4 ba, mei4 mei, ma1 ma hanzi, jie3 jie,

弟弟, older brother, older sister, mom short answer questions , younger brother, granpa on father%27s side, younger sister, 奶奶, 哥哥, 爷爷, dad, 爸爸, 妈妈 quiz , grandma on father%27s side computer assisted language learning , 妹妹, 姐姐,