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1. It was getting late by the time Sam and Marco aproached the summit, on the # of the terrible weather on their way up. In # to high winds that nearly swept them right off the mountain they faced freezing temperatures and heavy snowfalls. And # neither of them had any thoughts of giving up. In # of the awful conditions they were determined to keep climbing even # every step was now a huge effort, # to the fact they were so high up and the air was so thin. As#as that, Marco was feeling quite ill, probably#of the height and a lack of food. But they knew that#reach the top they couldn´t stop for anything, even meals. They also knew that#they got there this time, they would probably have another chance to try. And Sam was sure that as#as they could begin going down by three o´clock, they would make it safely back to base camp tonight-#they would be very very tired.
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