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Choose the correct pronoun. (Personal Subject- Personal Object- Possessive Adjective - Possessive Noun - Reflexive Pronouns)

1. Today Carlos didn%27t bring ___ book to school.
he, himself, his, him
2. It%27s my mother%27s birthday next week. I am going to buy _____ a pressent.
she, hers, herself, her
3. I live in a house with two friends; Mark and Anthony. ____ eat dinner together every night.
we, us, our, ourselves
4. When I buy new clothes, I always look at ___ in the mirror.
me, my, mine, myself
5. Monica and Marta never speak _____ language in English classes.
they quiz , their, them, themselves
6. My neighbor%27s cat can%27t walk well. I think it hurt one of ____ legs.
it, its interactive learning , itself, it%27s
7. Maybe Rodrigo bought the newspaper today. I think the newspaper is ____.
he, him, his, himself
8. My notebook is green and white. The notebook is blue. It isn%27t ___ . Maybe it is Gabriel%27s.
me, my , mine, myself
9. I am sorry I am late today. _____ alarm clock didn%27t work and I slept until 10 o%27clock.
me, mine, myself, my