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Ecology Vocabulary I (copy)

1. help students assimilate material Living
biotic, limiting factors, biome, consumer (heterotroph)
2. results history Non-living
abiotic, ecology, biomagnification, 10%25 Law
3. The position or function of an organism in a community
niche, food web, bioaccumulation, sustainability
4. crossword maker The specific environment in which an organism lives
habitat, consumer (heterotroph), biome, biomagnification
5. The number of different plants and animal species
biodiversity, niche, sustainability, food chain
6. Organisms able to produce their own food.
producers (autotrophs), abiotic, biotic, biomagnification
7. Organisms that must eat other organisms to obtain energy
consumer (heterotroph), food chain, bioaccumulation, carrying capacity
8. computer assisted language learning A linear representation of how on organism gets its food
food chain, biodiversity, limiting factors, abiotic
9. A diagram of interconnecting food chains in an ecosystem
food web, fossil fuels, limiting factors, consumer (heterotroph)
10. Only 10%25 of energy is available for next trophic level
10%25 Law, ecosystem, carbon cycle, producers (autotrophs)
11. Accumulation of substances such as pollution in an organism
bioaccumulation, carrying capacity, producers (autotrophs), food web
12. Concentration of pollution increase up the food chain
biomagnification, 10%25 Law, ecosystem, food web
13. The cycle in which carbon moves between reservoirs
carbon cycle, ecology, bioaccumulation, fossil fuels
14. Large region classified by biotic conditions and climate
biome, abiotic, food chain, bioaccumulation
15. quiz builder Ability to meet a community%27s present and future needs
sustainability, abiotic, 10%25 Law, ecology
16. Organisms interacting with each other and environment
ecosystem, ecology, limiting factors, niche
17. Fuels formed by the decomposition of living things.
fossil fuels multiple choice questions , ecosystem, biotic, niche
18. The largest population an ecosystem can support
carrying capacity language , biomagnification, biome, food web
19. A factor in an environment which prevents future change
limiting factors, food web, biome, ecosystem