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Ecology Vocabulary II

non-native (non-indigenous), deforestation, symbiosis, fossil fuels, mutualism grading , nitrogen-fixing bacteria, native (indigenous), Transpiration, invasive, global warming quiz , conservation, habitatweb page, amensalism, deciduous active teaching , competition, parasitism, predation, resiliency, commensalism,

Non-native species which causes harm, Gasoline, Oil, Coal, Natural Gas, The evaporation of water from leaves and stems of plants, 1 species benefits, other 1 neither benefits or harmed, The preying of one animal upon another, Bacteria in soil which converts nitrogen into usable form, Not native to a particular place, , Wide-scale cutting down of trees without replanting them online learning games , A gradual increase in the temp. of the Earth and oceans, A symbiotic relationship where both species benefit, 1 species harmed, other 1 neither benefis or harmed invite students , The conflict b/w organisms for a limited resource, When one species benefits at the expense of another, The specific environment where an organism lives, Living or growing naturally in a particular region, The close ecological relationship b/w two organisms, Preservation, protection, or restorationof the nat%27l environment, Trees that lose their leaves in the fall and winter, The ability of an ecosystem to recover after a disturbance,