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Matching Your Photography Terms

This activity asks you to match terms with their definitions. Drag the dominoes into place to match connect the right word with the right definition.

Under exposed distance learning , Lens, ISO, 18mm, Aperturestimulate your students , 1/10, Light Meter, Depth of Field, Shutter, f2.6, 55mm interactive learning , f22, Focus, Macro, Manual, Over Exposed, 1/60,

A shutter speed that should be fine for hand held shots. school , A lens setting that stretches the background and large objects online activities , A visual guide to help you tell whether you will have a good exposure., A term that is used to refer to the sharpness of your image, When not enough light enters the camera., A lens setting that brings the background closer and makes it blurry., A shutter speed that is usually too slow for hand held shots., A lens setting designed for photographing small objects., Magnifies and focuses the light as it enters the camera., The hole that lets the light into the camera. You can adjust its size., How much of your photo is in focus in front of and behind your subject., Opens for a set period of time to allow light to enter the camera, When too much light enters the camera., A small aperture, A setting that determines how sensitive your camera is to light, The setting you need to use to take full control of the camera., A wide aperture,