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Ecology Vocabulary I

10%25 Law, biome, producers (autotrophs), fossil fuels, food chain, habitat, abiotic learning , food web, biodiversity, niche, bioaccumulation, carbon cycle online education , consumer (heterotroph), carrying capacity, biomagnification, limiting factors matching excercise , biotic, ecosystem, sustainability, ecology web tool ,

Accumulation of substances such as pollution in an organism, The cycle in which carbon moves between reservoirs, Organisms interacting with each other and environment teaching , The position or function of an organism in a community active teaching , A linear representation of how on organism gets its food, The specific environment in which an organism lives, The number of different plants and animal species, A diagram of interconnecting food chains in an ecosystem, Large region classified by biotic conditions and climate, Study of how living organisms interact with environment, Ability to meet a community%27s present and future needs, The largest population an ecosystem can support, Non-livingstimulate your students , Fuels formed by the decomposition of living things., Organisms that must eat other organisms to obtain energy, A factor in an environment which prevents future change, Living, Organisms able to produce their own food., Concentration of pollution increase up the food chain, Only 10%25 of energy is available for next trophic level,