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Imperialism - Africa, India, China, Japan

Sepoy Rebellion, Scrable for Africa, imperialism, natural resources, nationalism school , Indian Nationalist Party, protectorate, British East India Company, Matthew Perry quiz generator , sphere of influence, 19th - 20th centuries, Boxer Rebellion, Industrial Revolution, colony quiz generator , machine gun, new markets,

event which created new weapons, need for new markets elearning , when European countries split up Africa into colonies in 1884, the domination of one country over another language , complete domination of one country over another - India was one, domination over trade in an area - China was split into these distant learning , controlled India before it became a colony of Great Britain, wanted self-rule, or independence, for India, new weapon that Europeans had becuase of the Industrial Rev., US naval officer who ended Japan%27s isolationism, response to imperialism in China, response to British imperialism in India, stuff found in the earth used to make manufactured goods, pride, motivated Europeans to compete for new land, time period of the Age of Imperialism, populations, or people, to sell stuff to, partial domination of one country over another - Egypt was one,