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Ecosystems and Biomes

1. active teaching A community of organisms interacting with each other within a particular physical environment is known as a(n):
Ecosystem, Biome, Ecology, Village
2. The number of different species of plants and animals in an environment is also known as:
Biology, Carrying capacity, Biodiversity, Biome
3. The ability of an ecosystem to bounce back from stress such as a drought or pollution can be described as its:
Resiliency, Biodiversity, Climate, Dependency
4. An ecosystem with the capacity to maintain its essential functions and retain its biodiversity in full measure over the long-term can be described as:
Lucky, Sustainable, Eco-friendly, Environmental
5. The number of different plant and animal species in a given ecosystem is also known as its:
Sustainability, Biology, Resiliency, Biodiversity
6. Increasing the biodiversity of an ecosystem also increases:
the number of species of plants and animals, its resiliency, its sustainability , all of these.
7. Which of these ecosystems should be the MOST sustainable and resilient to stress?
A corn field , An aquarium in the Dentist office, An apple orchard, A tropical rainforest in Brazil
8. A region of the world with a characteristic climate and geography is also knows as:
a biome, an ecosystem, a community, a population
9. The term biotic can be used to describe something that is:
dead, living, non-living, composed of once-living material
10. Information used to support or refute a claim is also known as:
a hypothesis, a theory, evidence, objective
11. A plant that needs lots of rain all year long and steady, warm temperatures will most likely be found in the:
Taiga, Tundra, Tropical Rainforest, Desert
12. mix questions An animal such as the penguin which can tolerate very, very cold temperatures is most likely going to be found in the:
Temperate Deciduous Forest class page , Tundra, Desert, Savanna
13. A plant that can store its own water, thus requiring little to no rainfall, is probably going to be found in the:
Desert, Tropical Rainforest, Chapparal, Temperate Deciduous Forest
14. Evergreen trees such as fir trees and spruce trees require very little water and can tolerate cold temperatures quite well. These trees are most likely found in the:
Savanna, Temperate Grassland, Tropical Rainforest, Taiga
15. A warm, temperate biome located in Africa which has short but extremely rainy summers is most likely:
A savanna, A tundra, A tropical rainforest, Temperate deciduous forest
16. A tree that loses its leaves in the fall and winter is also known as:
An evergreen, Deciduous, A conifer, Abiotic
17. What biome do we live in here in North Carolina?
Desert, Tundra, Chapparel, Temperate Deciduous Forest
18. Abiotic factors include:
Temperature and rainfall, Fish, Animals, Plants
19. Biology is the study of:
Life, The universe, Everything, Biols