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Tense agreement

1. When they ___ him again, they won%27t believe their eyes.
will see, have seen, saw, see
2. If I had more time, I ___ the museum.
%27d visit, %27ll visit, %27d visited, visited
3. Wait here until someone ___ you you can go home.
will tell, %27s telling, tells, told
4. As soon as the police ___, I%27ll tell them everything I witnessed.
arrived, would arrive, will arrive, arrive
5. The minute I ____ my dance costume, I%27ll forget all this situation, I promise.
put on, %27ll put on, will wear, dressed
6. Whenever I see this film, I ___.
%27ll cry, cry, would cry, cried
7. If he hadn%27t turned up at our meeting point, we%27d simply ____ to leave without him.
had had, have, have had, having
8. By the time the results came out, I ___ to feel very disappointed.
would begin, had begun, have begun, will have begun
9. By the time we meet again, I ___ from high school!
had graduated, graduated, have graduated, %27ll have graduated