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Rome Part 1 Review Quiz

1. Which other civilization most influenced Roman mythology and government?
Phoenician, Persian, Macedonian, Greek
2. What kind of religion did people practice in ancient Rome?
monotheistic (one god), polytheistic (nature gods), caste system (like India), two gods (like Persia)
3. Which part of the Roman government had 300 members who served life terms?
Council of the Plebs, Assemblies, Senate, Consuls
4. Which of these groups did not have citizenship?
patricians, women, plebeians, foreigners
5. activity Where was Carthage?
Italian peninsula, Balkan Peninsula, Asia Minor, North Africa
6. What was Hannibal%27s route when invading Rome?
North Africa--%3eSpain--%3eAlps--%3e Rome, Asia Minor--%3eBalkan Peninsula Alps--%3e Rome, North Africa--%3eEgypt--%3eAsia Minor--%3eRome, Mediterranean Sea --%3e Sicily --%3e Rome
7. short answer questions Which social class had the most political power in Rome?
plebeians, senators, patricians, slaves
8. What term best describes the government of the Roman Republic?
direct democracy, monarchy, representative democracy, senate
9. Who fought in the Punic Wars?
Greece and Rome, Rome and Persia, Rome and Carthage, Rome and Sicily
10. What did Rome control as a result of the Punic Wars?
western Mediterranean Sea, Aegean Sea, Italian peninsula, Balkan peninsula
11. Why were the Punic Wars fought?
to get more arable land, to control Mediterranean trade, religious differences, national pride
12. Which two geographic features helped protect Rome?
Aegean Sea and Mediterranean Sea, Mediterranean Sea and Alps, Apennines and Aegean Sea, Sahara Desert and Mediterranean Sea
13. What kind of government did Greece have during the Age of Pericles?
direct democracy, representative democracy, monarchy, tyranny
14. What were the Twelve Tables?
laws to make it impossible for plebeians to be in the senate, laws to stop the patricians from having too much power, Hannibal%27s plans to attack Rome twelve times, the twelve main leaders in the Roman Senate