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The Reformation

Thirty Years%27 War, Martin Luther elearning , Edict of Nantes, Council of Trent, Inquisition, Elizabeth I, Huguenot, Cardinal Richelieu, Indulgences, 95 Theses, Anglican Church, Henry VIII, John Calvin, Jesuits (Society of Jesus), Predestination, Hapsburg Family,

Catholic Tribunal directed at the suppression of heresy, The Calvinist belief that God has elected souls for salvation, A religious order who spread Catholic doctrine around the world, French clergyman and political leader, Defeated the Spanish Armada Formed the Anglican Church, Royal German Family, War between Protestants and Catholics, Reaffirmed Traditional Catholic Teachings, Certificates sold by the Catholic church to absolve sins, A French Protestant, The Church of England, - German Monk - 95 Theses, Believed in Predestination, Complaints Martin Luther levied against the Churh, Divorced his wife and broke with Rome to form his own church, Granted French Protestants freedom to worship,