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Reconstruction Quiz

1865, Reconstruction, Sharecroppers, Andrew Johnson save time , Freedman online learning games , Freedemn%27s Bureau, Rutherford Hayes teaching , 15th Amendment, 14th Amendment, 1877, Mary Chestut, 13th Amendment, Radical Republicans, de jure segregation, KKK, Impeach,

Terrorist group that arose during Reconstruction, Citizenship rights for freedmen, Laws that kept blacks and whites separate., Republican who won the 1876 election., Radical Republicans tried to do this to Johnson., Former slave, now free., Right to vote for freedmen, Farmers rent land and pay with a portion of the crop., Bringing the South back into the Union., Found her Charlestown home destroyed., Became President after Lincoln is shot, Helped Freedem find their families, Northern troops leave the South. Reconstruction ends., Want to punish the South, Civil War ended %26 Lincoln shot, Ended slavery.,